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Donations for the above; 

  1. $1000.00 sponsors 5 children a year with school fees, supplies & uniform

  2. $500.00 sponsors 2 children a year with school fees, supplies & uniform

  3.  $300.00 sponsors a child a year with school fees, supplies and uniform.

  4.  $250 can give 25 children backpack with school supplies

  5. $200 can supply pencils to a class of 200 pupils

  6. $100 can give pencils to 100 children

  7. $50 can give 50 pencils to 50 children

"  Coming Poverty is not a Gesture of         Charity; It is an Act Of Justice"

            Nelson Mandela




Our Volunteers are the bed rock  of Hope's Door Foundation. It is through the efforts of ordinary people that we can do extraordinary things in our communities. 

Our vital work is only possible because of people like you.Whether helping to organize a drive for basic needs in your community, or helping one displaced family or thousands, providing care and comfort to the sick children or teaching others how to read and write. 


Collection and Distribution of Donations

By collecting donations of food, School supplies,medications, sanitary materials, toys  and technology from members of the community, we will help those in need manage a little better. We will provide full recognition of all donations from individuals, families, and businesses.



We are reaching out to you for all types of help in the form of donations ranging from food, toys, sanitary supplies, clothing /shoes to books, technologies, and monetary donations.

If your business is interested in donating to Project 'Love Meal' at Christmas, we would greatly appreciate your time, input, and most importantly, your financial support.

Your donations will go to helping the poor, needy, underprivileged children,people affected by Leprosy, the homeless, disadvantaged individuals and families every Christmas. Make a Difference!!



We are funded through donations, fundraising, and material drives. Please consider making a donation to help us Lift Spirits and Mend Lives, one child at a time.


Hope's door foundation driving passion is to help other people live their best life stories. Donate now to join us in empowering millions around the world to forge their own paths out of poverty,


Quick Gift Guide 

Your gift could help buy:

  • $10 = hot meal for a family of 3

  • 30 = 3 Mattresses 

  • $50 = 2 Pairs of specially made shoes for people affected by leprosy.

  • $75 = Sanitary materials for 5 girls.

  • $100 = Trains 1 Shoe apprentice.  

  • $200 = Skin grafting for 1 child.

  • $500 = 10 sewing machines.

  • $1000 = 50 Solar Lanterns. 


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