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There is no better time than now to speak up for Nigeria’s internally displaced persons (IDP) who are stripped of their dignity, power, privilege and means of livelihood. The children are impoverished and orphaned. Adolescent girls are defenseless and vulnerable to abuse. The efforts of the government and donor agencies have been commendable however, there are considerable gaps. 


Hope’s Door Foundation (HDF)  provides desperately needed food and personal supplies to victims of insurgency in the North East Nigeria. We have so far been able to visit 9 internally displaced peoples (IDP) camps with over nine thousand (9000) women and children in Abuja, Nasarawa and Adamawa states in Nigeria.


These camps have benefited from the items listed below;

-3000 Flip flops

- 250 bottles of prenatal vitamins,

- 200 bottles of multivitamins,

- 8000 sanitary pads,

-2000 female underwear,

- 3000 deodorants

- 2000 tooth brushes

- 3000 tooth paste

- Food Supplies.

- 3000 pencils including other school supplies.


More can be done in the area of skill acquisition to empower them and top alleviate poverty level in the community. This is where your help counts. Every little bit helps.


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