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Project Overview

Pencils of Hope

Pencils of Hope cuts across all of our initiatives. It's encourages the education of orphaned and underprivileged children throughout Nigeria by providing them with school supplies. Over 6,000 pencils & lots of other school supplies have been donated to impoverished children in Nigeria.


This year more than 10,000 children will be blessed with some school supplies, Schools, Individuals, organisations, groups, churches and communities can organize drives toward collecting pencils for this projects. Every little bit helps.

Leprosy Center

Leprosy Center Initiative provides specially made shoes, sanitary products, medication, food and educational supplies for the abandoned children of the patients at the center in Ekpene Obom, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

In December 2015 we fed 235 inmates at Christmas with our love meal initiative. Donated a years worth of school supplies to 35 school age students. We have donated sanitary materials, food and money to help this center since 2013.

Our hope for this center is to finance adequate training for the inmates to further enhance their ability in gaining independence career wise. In other to do this, we have to refurbish, resurface and increase their shoe factory machinery. The shoes made in this factory is solely for the disabled persons whose shoe fit are not found in the open markets.

Please support our initiative; every little helps.....

Hope For Borno

There is no better time than now to speak up for Nigeria’s internally displaced persons (IDP) who are stripped of their dignity, power, privilege and means of livelihood. The children are impoverished and orphaned. Adolescent girls are defenseless and vulnerable to abuse. The efforts of the government and donor agencies have been commendable however, there are considerable gaps. 


Hope’s Door Foundation (HDF)  provides desperately needed food and personal supplies to victims of insurgency in the North East Nigeria. We have so far been able to visit 9 internally displaced peoples (IDP) camps with over nine thousand (9000) women and children in Abuja, Nasarawa and Adamawa states in Nigeria.


These camps have benefited from the items listed below;

-3000 Flip flops

- 250 bottles of prenatal vitamins,

- 200 bottles of multivitamins,

- 8000 sanitary pads,

-2000 female underwear,

- 3000 deodorants

- 2000 tooth brushes

- 3000 tooth paste

- Food Supplies.

- 3000 pencils including other school supplies.


More can be done in the area of skill acquisition to empower them and top alleviate poverty level in the community. This is where your help counts. Every little bit helps.

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Love Meal

It is that timer of year again

Love Meal feeds the poor, the homeless and people affected by Leprosy on Christmas day. Last year more than 700 orphaned children and the people affected by leprosy were fed on Christmas day. Visitations were made to the children's, maternity and recovery wards of the Teaching hospital Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria on Christmas day. Donations of toys, diapers, sanitary materials, medications and food were given. Outstanding bills of children and mothers were cleared in the spirit of Christmas.


This year we estimate to feed about 5,000 needy,homeless and underprivileged families. Please join us to fulfill this dream, Every little bit helps.



The Children's Hope Fund

The Children’s Hope Fund provides funds for the medical costs and treatment of poverty-stricken children. So far, 15 children and several adults have benefited from this initiative. In other to help more Children, we solicit your support, every little bit helps.

Hope’s Door Foundation depends on the goodwill of partners, individuals and Corporate Organizations for funding. Material and cash donations are welcome. Please contact us for how to donate or host a drive with your school or community organization.

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